Wednesday, October 13, 2010

yes I am back

so after dabbling with tumblr and being all lazy to blog I am back!!! I am still thinking if i should just put everything i have in tumblr here so that this will be updated but again I AM ALL TO LAZY.. =( maybe soon though but not today being all tired that I am BUT not too much to update you guys 

so this was me today trying to look all nonchalant hahaha but totally conscious of rudolph taking my photos!!! 

this was rudolph today trying to hide from the camera and not being at all successful!!! I can be pushy at times! Anyway ain't he all bling - ed out pretty ???! well maybe except for that tissue in his hand! 

BUT wait till you see Reg's stockings ... 

i died . 


  1. glad to have you back on blogville.. :)
    love those "killer" shoes!!!

  2. I love thy shoes!!:) You all look so ferosh and fashown! Love it!



thanks for the love!