Friday, September 30, 2011

just an outfit post

I have to apologize for the lack of blog updates... 
I have so many pilled up to share with you guys 
but unfortunately I have to put them aside since most of them were BTS of shoots that
 haven't come out yet!! 

So for now an outfit post! 
blouse: zara skirt: river island shoes: F-Stop

much love

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage love...

This floral blazer is my favorite ukay (thrifted) piece so far.. 
blazer: thrifted shorts: F21 shoes: F-stop shop asian 

I seriously believe that the thrill of finding a rare piece you know is unique (and cheap) cannot be replaced by a random shopping spree. However going to ukay ukay (vintage stores) can often be a daunting task since locations are usually inconvenient and rarely a cure for the blues. No retail therapy there. 
So for those who are looking for a bargain and the convenience of shopping online check out F-Stop as they release new pieces for their VINTAGE section. 

Items go up on September 30, Friday!!!

To avail discounts: 
1.  Blog about the September Collection 
(and send the link to:,
 all orders from Sept 29 - October 4 will get a 10% discount as well!
2.  Like F-STOP on facebook, or follow on tumblr
and you will be given 5% off on all their orders from Sept 29 - October 4.
*Note: Both discounts cannot be combined. Only one discount is applicable per order form. 

much love

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty is not Exclusive : Revlon Professional

 Twas such a pleasant surprise to receive a call and an invitation from Revlon Professional Philippines for this make-over event. It wouldn't have come at the perfect time since my hair has been screaming for some change and pampering too!

Of course my clear choice was color and treatment combo! It has been awhile as has been apparent from my previous posts with hair looking all dull and all

 With Ina of littlebigspender! We were the early birds =)

my before shot! 

Ina during her consultation =)

Wacky moment right here! Haha So this was already after having chosen the shade I wanted - a caramel brown that would't be too out there and would just do well with my complexion =)

 next time I would be more adventurous I swear with so many shades to choose from!!!

With Kathy and Eizel of revlon showing off my newly colored and pampered locks!!!

And the experience wasn't quite over yet!
It doesn't end there - was sent home with these goodies!!! Cannot wait to try them all out!!!
 Thank you Revlon Professional Philippines!

much love

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
skirt: SM dept store
shoes: Jellybean
purse: Longchamp
Thanks to the breeze and Rudolph for these photos! 
Surely did my skirt some justice with those wind effects haha

much love

Friday, September 16, 2011

2 for 1: Akihiro Sato and Fabio Ide

We did a shoot for a local shoe brand that allowed us to work with Fabio Ide and Akihiro Sato. 
The two proved to be so pleasant to work with braving the extremes of the weather. 
and the array of suits
styling team apprentices

such a cutie jaime sy!

tag team! 

oh so juicy!

Ruds as K's PEG! hahaha

denim maniaaa

what ya looking for??
my equivalent daw - Slegna =)

someone translate this for me

Bobby on Aki

Vince in action

ME in action!

with Mika! 

product shot? gray on gray

with Aki! Super friendly and easy to work with =)

Group shot!
Fabio's turn!

checking the results!

everyone still fresh even out in the sun!

Reg in action!

me with Fabio!!!

Cannot wait to share with you guys the fruit of our labor!

much love

also check out
Stylenarratives' and Heyrocketgirl's blog for more on this!


Penshoppe, will be closing down their Mall of Asia Boutique temporarily, starting on Monday for renovations, thus, they will be selling everything today at 60% off from today until sunday! That includes new arrivals, jackets, scents, everything!
Mall hours during the sale (it’s the MOA 3-day sale) is until 12MN Friday-Saturday and until 11PM Sunday.

Better make the most out this opportunity!!!

much love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Virgo Girl

I turned 26 last 8th of September. So feeling all grown up and weary decided not to have a party anymore. However I am so grateful for everyone who made sure it was special nonetheless =) 
From my lil boy! =)
I was surprised by my BELLAS at the stroke of midnight. I was totally clueless and in my worst PJs ever to be caught dead in! But I was sooo happy and close to tears and kept hiding under the covers! 

Lunch and the rest of the afternoon was spent with my boys =)

They treated me to a shopping spree and waited patiently too!
Dinner was spent with the Fam at my sis's house since she's on bed rest 
Night cap was spent with my mares until closing time and beyond =)

The day was basically the tour of everything I have been craving too! 
Bizu cake for my Birthday Salubong

Angulas for lunch
Fro-yo from Lulu Belle for snacks

Pollo Loco for Dinner

2nd Batch of sweets from Sonja's

Night cap from Happy Lemon

Thank you all for this day - the small things truly are the biggest gifts
And to everyone that sent me their love too!
cheers to more birthdays like this!

much love