Thursday, February 24, 2011

good things come to those who wait

So I did the annoying face again the one I cannot shake off when I am trying not to smile.
next posts will show me smiling already I promise
like this one.. 
wine red ruched skirt by forever 21 snakeskin wedges and white blouse from Zara,  Lion necklace MNG

ooh and i wanna just say how I am so grateful that I finally figured out how to ask Carlito to take my photos willingly. I just have to perfect the mix of pa-cutepa-sweet and pa-awa! 

something else that I was truly grateful for that day

waaaah JUN ESCARIO in the house!!! 
truly we are such fans!!! doesn't it show in our smiles? Thanks Luis for making this photo happen for me and Reg!

This day just kept on giving! I got home to this!!!

 my wedding gown and bouquets that we had preserved 

Carlito was asking me what I will do with the gown I said I'll wear it again on our 50th haha
I am still looking for a perfect place for the framed bouquet. 

much love indeed

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the pair was free

in lieu of the coming new year i have decided to be more open to trying out new things (which i aim to do every year and manage to forget around june) . When I received a tweet from Bqueenshoes to enter their contest I jumped in the opportunity to the mere mention of free shoes!!! 

so as you can see you just have to send photos of yourself and wait to get approved!!! so send away I did of my fave outfit post at that time. 

and waited for the news!!!!

I actually wasn't expecting anything from it since I just did it for fun. 

here are the 5 designs I got to choose from!
so which one do you think I picked? 

anyway days past and I actually forgot about it until I got a notice from the Express Mail Service that I have a package to pick up from Pasay. It was such a daunting task since I have heard horror stories of how the system works over there BUT i got sweet reminders from friends and REG to think FREE SHOES!!!

The experience - well I do not want to say horrible but it was  pretty much annoying. It took us 2 hours to claim the shoes and pay 1,100 for it in taxes!!! GOOD THING the pair WAS FREE!!!

So off to the 2nd part of the task. 
I have to take 3 photos wearing the shoes (I have forgotten to include the packaging!) in a famous or historical spot in my country...

SO it being well February by the time I have gotten around to doing this, I think it was just fitting for me to choose EDSA Shrine

H&M Dress with ruffles, random accessories, Fendi Spy

much love

Monday, February 21, 2011

a quick lesson

on the art of posing

loved the direction here by BELLE even though felt my whole left leg cramp afterwards! 
Must just do something about my facial expression ...

promise guys i did try ...

failed miserably. do not know how others do it. 
check out REG's site and how she flaunted her pair! 

outfit: thrifted pink blouse, topshop military green lace top, 
zara denim shorts, cream wedge
art direction and photography: Belle Camarsi (yiheeee)
location: joey samson's atelier (really great backdrop for both mine and reg's look!!!) THANK YOU

much love

Saturday, February 19, 2011

love gods are on our side

First valentine's day as a married couple. ick! sounds all too mushy!!! Unlike my friend Reg and many others we really do not take this occasion seriously but we do go through the motions and do the usual every year - I get a bouquet and a nice dinner out.  FINE have to admit we do enjoy 'em dates 

For this year we went to CRU Steakhouse at the Marriot. Almost didn't make it because of some mix up with the reservations! Really do not want to elaborate on the stupidity of the whole situation BUT in the end we got to have that dinner we were looking forward to. Thanks to the host Trish who called each client until she got a cancellation  and us, a table. 

Love the whole ambiance of the place and the fact that you can see your steaks being grilled!!! 
Props to Executive Chef Meir Brammer - the food was awesome!!!!!!!!!

After the meal we decided to go to Member's Only with other couples for a few drinks and to exchange notes haha

So cute how Member's gave flowers to the boys to give to us ladies! 
So of course we just had to take photos with the rose...

and of the outfit for the night

stolen chloe blouse from my sister's closet
 SM ladies pouffy skirt 
ala louboutins snakeskin pumps from nicole puentevella

much love

Monday, February 14, 2011

SOUL SISTERS do valentines

5 girls and 1 bathroom = KAOS (chaos) 

left the house at 9pm for a dinner scheduled at 7.

"girls dress up to make other girls jealous" 
was the mantra for the night since there were no boys to pay their compliments.

as to their absence
relied on GPS to get us to our destination.

parked sooo far away.
no good for our heels nor ankles. 

no reservations on asking manong guards, manang cleaners and waiters for photos 
(again no good)

had 3 hours of talk time, no holds barred!
and got discounted on wine

only girls can do that without effort

to my soul sisters, my true loves!


much love

all the more inspiring

Saturday's are meant for this...


never mind that I missed the Hot Air Ballon Festival in Clark (sorry girls) BUT this didn't even feel like work, felt like I was watching some sort of documentary... an observer of something magical. 
it was simply
jaw-dropping , awe-inspiring 
photo 1: Lope Navo and Luis Espiritu exchange not just glances but ideas for the shoot 
photo 2: blocks for Hideo's 1st layout
Photo 3 and 4: Hideo working those blocks, Lope in action! Hear him say "beautiful!!!"
Photo 1: Hideo attempting to do a hand stand for the 3rd layout.  hmmm... not quite safe for that
Photo 2: Last layout for the day. Luis in action - a tight shot for the Kurbatas. 

we finished in express time!!! Not like it was surprising at the rate we were going! 
Noelle Llave, Mikka Velasquez, Rudolph Leonor and ME with Hideo 

with the "aunties" Louis Claparols and Bobby Carlos

The whole gang for the day (minus Luis) with LOPE NAVO
wanna learn more about him?
 Luis wrote a blog entry that got us all super excited!!! click

much love

NOTE: do click on the links to understand the magic

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue


thrifted floral cardi * forever 21 purple skirt * gold topshop ballet flats

I was finally able to wear this sheer cardi which has been waiting in my closet for a perfect moment or really for the perfect skirt to go with it. I had this skirt altered so it took awhile but had this combo in mind already. The colors are just beautiful (was tempted to bring out my red bag but thought that was a tad bit much) so settled with neutrals for my purse and shoes. Next time you see this cardi tho it will be paired with denim cut offs. 


I ran some errands where I brought the lil' fam along so was able to get a nice lunch out of it too. Went to Conti's in Katipunan. My fave branch only for the fact that it is spacious enough so that no one needs to line up outside for 2 hours (like what usually happens in GH and serendra)

 didn't order my usual which is grilled prawns and tried this prawns and garlic pasta instead! Glad that it didn't ruin my Conti's experience! STILL YUMMMMMMMY!!
Hubby and Carlos had their usual kare kare

needed something sweet and tried their oreo cheesecake. Didn't even had the chance to take a photo - that's Carlos' spoon right there!

Last stop for the day. Finally had the chance to get my bangs fixed! Here is Carlos thinking the parlor is his playground

much love

Monday, February 7, 2011

Animal Instinct

been awhile since I've done an outfit post
so here goes ...

H&M green blazer, river island white blouse, seven jeans, CMG satchel and MNG lion necklace

much love

pink pleats and birthday dreams

Saturday was spent with the kiddies! Went to my godson's 1st birthday party in Subic. The theme was ice cream delight so of course I opted for this pink number. The skirt is thrifted - such a good surprise found amongst the jeans! I have been lusting over these sheer skirts with pleats lately and didn't think I would find it there! Anyway as it has this old feel to it decided to take our photos against the old Spanish Gate which was a mere tawid away from where the party was. 

a photo of my photographer and good friend Kelly who accompanied me for the day since hubby is away and sister is sick =(


snapshots from the party!!!

 I am so sad that I wasn't able to take decent photos of the candle blowing part and cannot even show you guys the family of the birthday boy! 

BUT here is the cake designed and made by my cousins 
(same ones who made my wedding cake)!!! 

with baby arissa (no she is not the celebrant) but were both in pink haha so gotta have a photo op!

 this car is present in all the birthday parties of the kids in this family!! 
 first game! Super proud of my lil Carlos! it was his first time to really truly participate and WIN!

 the french macarons were super yum!!!

Carlos with the birthday boy Enzo!!! He was asleep most of the time as any kid celebrating their 1st birthday! Remembered how I was so stressed during Carlos' when he wouldn't cooperate in pictures turned out it was all normal!

made me think... Carlos B-day coming up need to think of a theme again BUT if we let him have his way it would be CARS for sure!

much love!