Monday, August 23, 2010


twirl me around

Sunday, August 15, 2010

once is never enough

A thursday spent on a shoot. Day 3 for those who are counting. 
according to one of Luis' assistants - one should always dress up 
so here is my outfit for the day

acid washed denim jacket 80's style from cotton on
red doily like shorts that looks like a skirt from river island (which I got for 30% off!)
3 random brooches from accessorize (sorry this photo only shows 1)
my recent fave watch necklace 
my ever fave blue cut out booties from zara
and latest acquisition - my Gucci purse (this will be the one I will hand down to my future daughter - you just gotta feel the leather)

super funny that when I met my classmates we were matchy matchy!!!!

check it out! rudolph also wearing denim with blue shoes!!!

and bianx in red pants and a white top! 
(in the middle is the fabulous luis espiritu!!!) 

claudine was the odd one out but she got this nice photo with a very very good background anyway! ;p

and just for everyone's sake i am posting this =)) you guys must be wondering what was behind that curtain. was not able to ask for the model's name i guess that would be understandable! 

Job well done!!!
wrapped up 2 hours early! 

so what did i learn for this day?? again do not feel awkward everyone is just doing their jobs but keep in mind it always pay to be respectful of everyone. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


From Ms. Anna Wintour
The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

Be authentic! Being anything less than yourself is a prescription for mediocrity.

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women


i wish i can be insanely rich and get this...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

emerald city

i got this blazer from my sis’ stash. i think it was from the time she lived in s’pore. you know how we buy all kinds of stuff as souvenirs when we are away? well this was one of them! i loved its print but the cut was too traditional chinese - so what i did was just pin both sides to hide the buttons =) What ya tink??? 

Master of Disguise

Had a pretty eventful day yesterday. So early in the am went to shoe addict sale and got me 3 new pairs! 

very volatile. INC. Stuart Weitzman

the black and the white are staples don't you think? looking all nice and vintage-y! and well the leopard print wedges i just have to have! all 3 are extremely COMFY!!!!! love it!

oooh and stacked up on accessories from RAIN =)the little box has a surprise inside!

 so cute!!!

oops!!! but before this i woke up to a package from THE GALLERY by PARADOX!!! made my day! was all happy 'til i went to bed! =)

This was me yesterday hence the title.

really cannot say i am good at camouflage so that’s my title instead. For some reason (maybe I am exposed to the military so much) i cannot do the look… this is the best i can.. I had this vest for awhile now and wore it last during my son’s 2nd b-day the theme was safari not military hehe 

wore one of my graphic black and white newsprint dress just for the texture 
and the double belt since i think it does kinda look utilitarian.

and just to make every one smile i'll share my picture with my baby  

much love =)


     what is there to not love?

Alexander Mc Queen Angel Booties

Thursday, August 5, 2010


"The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him" - Paulo Coelho


always been a fan of the Olsen's way of dressing. Try as I might to look disheveled and effortless with my outfits it always turns out to too calculated and polished. So for now until I accumulate tons of accessories and cover - ups to accomplish their look I can just stock up on inspirational photos of them!!! tee hee =)

anyway Mary Kate Olsen is Marie Claire's September Cover and there are 3 to choose from =)

I voted for the 3rd one !!! 

you may vote here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

match made in heaven

Hot celebrity designer Victoria Beckham, whose dresses have been worn by everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Hudson, is launching a menswear line and has reportedly tapped her stylish husband to design it. David Beckham, who’s known as much for his flair for fashion as he is for his soccer skills, will be in charge of a full range of men’s couture, including tailored suits, sharp day wear and evening looks.“Victoria has been trying to persuade him to do it for a while and he’s finally succumbed. She’s reassured him that he has an eye for fashion,” a source told theDaily Star. The line is set to launch in the spring of 2011.— Joyann King

Monday, August 2, 2010

when camels are this good...

Disclaimer: This is coming from a point of view of a fashion enthusiast and not a fashion expert. Other opinions are very much welcome =)

so I am not such a fan of nudes until recently (yes i want them BRIGHT) and really wouldn't think i would even start liking camel but this season just gives us the reason to wanna do so...

ESPECIALLY when something so unexpected happens

Mr.  Roberto Cavalli comes up with this Ruched-Animal Print Silk Jumpsuit!!! Love love love the fabric and the fact that it is so unusual. You would usually expect something so utilitarian from the color and a jumpsuit but this one just breaks away from that. 

I love the mix with the leather and the zippers of this Gianfranco Ferre Dress. Not shying away from what we usually expect from the color in regards to the shape but the added detail just does it for me. 

 and who can resist animals prints??? Especially this one from YSL =)

This is my favorite, a dress by Giambattista Valli. Love the shape and the striking black T in the middle and that orange hem.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

doesn't it seem like a first date?

aren’t first days of class seem like a first date? 
when you are all observant, hesitant, excited and nervous all at once?? 

As  a full pledged fashion apprentice for the great Luis Espiritu

 I wore this on my first day
 Thinking of comfort and style I chose to wear this pair of shorts I got from Pink Manila and paired it with my      trusty button down from Topshop. The nude wedges from Tint was the choice over my other pairs since it gives me the boost without me having to worry about toppling over. And one must always have a statement piece - my personalized speedy was gladly up to the job! 

with my classmates (missing 2) before lunch break
arrived early after lunch and ended up waiting in the corridor for a good 20 mins. apparently we shouldn't really be on time much more be early

so when you are bored what to do but to pose

So what did we learn on our first day???

1. Masking tapes are a must. We learned how to tape the soles of shoes since they are usually borrowed and must be returned in tip top condition. 
2. Beware of the steamer! It did give us all a scare. It was drippy and emits seriously hot steam  (well duh!) but sometimes you cannot help but be all careless. I kept pointing it at my partner's poor face =(
3. Editorial pieces are created for the sole purpose of being shot on magazines. You can do whatever with them! As according to our teacher, you can burn them, get them wet etc. but since the region shares one piece I think one must still exercise caution don't you think? (correct me if there is more than one piece)
4. Must not feel awkward when models dress in front of you. Hmm.. this is so tough for me. I have such a strict guideline for what constitutes private space. 
5. Clamping clamping clamp clamp does wonders =) you know the things you use for handouts in school yep you put them at the back of the dress to accentuate the figure of the model =)

I could go on but nothing really beats being there and watching these professionals do their thing. Maybe their talent will just rub off on me =))