Sunday, August 15, 2010

once is never enough

A thursday spent on a shoot. Day 3 for those who are counting. 
according to one of Luis' assistants - one should always dress up 
so here is my outfit for the day

acid washed denim jacket 80's style from cotton on
red doily like shorts that looks like a skirt from river island (which I got for 30% off!)
3 random brooches from accessorize (sorry this photo only shows 1)
my recent fave watch necklace 
my ever fave blue cut out booties from zara
and latest acquisition - my Gucci purse (this will be the one I will hand down to my future daughter - you just gotta feel the leather)

super funny that when I met my classmates we were matchy matchy!!!!

check it out! rudolph also wearing denim with blue shoes!!!

and bianx in red pants and a white top! 
(in the middle is the fabulous luis espiritu!!!) 

claudine was the odd one out but she got this nice photo with a very very good background anyway! ;p

and just for everyone's sake i am posting this =)) you guys must be wondering what was behind that curtain. was not able to ask for the model's name i guess that would be understandable! 

Job well done!!!
wrapped up 2 hours early! 

so what did i learn for this day?? again do not feel awkward everyone is just doing their jobs but keep in mind it always pay to be respectful of everyone. 

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