Thursday, March 31, 2011


Carlos turned 4 today.
My baby no longer
while waiting for guests 

finally we do not need to carry him during this part nor help him with the blowing
after all the photos he got distracted
with all the MARSHMALLOWS
so thats the before and after shot of the cake har har

much love

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

color play

my favorite trend for the season
for clearly it is so easy to do 
and so nice to look at 

on missdonata: purple f21 skirt, turquoise from bazaar necklace, neon pink rubi flats and pink skullies
on heyrocketgirl: topshop blue top, purple from bazaar belt, orange zara bondage skirt and purple skullies
on imruds: thrifted long sleeves polo, aqua blue urban outfitters shirt, blue ppl r ppl pants and orange skullies

and doesn't it set the mood just right?

colorful skullies courtesy of mikka velasquez



much love

Thursday, March 24, 2011

photo loco

tinkering with the i-phone and wowing at its capabilities
 I have found my favorite app ever!!!
the lomolomo allows you to mimic the effects of different types of lomo cameras, switch "lenses" and share it on tumblr, twitter, fb etc... 
I am hooked and have decided to make this a daily thing
so here are some photos that I want to share with you guys!
(we have been so busy all my photos are of my colleagues that I have been seeing every single day)

click links for their respective blogs


heyrocketgirl                           imruds
mynameismikka                         jemanfa

Ok, fine I didn't use my app for this photo but I can't help but post it with all the rest.
 After all He DID bring us all together

much love

Friday, March 18, 2011

when I was younger

I just remembered recently, when I was younger  I didn't want to be a princess nor be a movie star. I wanted to be a gypsy, a fortune teller maybe, even a hint of a witch. 
all grown up now but still haven't let go of that...

much love

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

counting down...

Twas that day spent at Greenbelt, resting after walking around visiting each store that I have finally decided. Seated at Toast Box eyeing the window display of Gingersnaps, I had a flicker of inspiration. Yep carnival theme for this year! Although we didn't plan a party for C's 4th (hubby put his foot down - we cannot throw a party every year) I still felt the need to make it as special as possible! 

Yesterday was a light day for work, brought along my laptop and I was tinkering with the possibilities on how to design a backdrop. I would be needing one for the dinner I was planning with fam. Rudolph saw me and pitied me I think. After much effort I gave in and let him do it. After all he did finish multimedia arts.

so that's the result of what took him a few hours (would have taken me days and still wouldn't have been able to achieve this) super happy and grateful!!! Now thinking of more things I can ask him to do! (kidding) Although If you have noticed I did change my header! Thanks to him again! =)

check out his page at

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silly Sundays

Gospel for today rang clear - waste time with your family. 
Yes WASTE was the term the priest used since even doing nothing with family is worth it, 
 every second of it.
 My SUNDAYS are indeed made for that =)

much love

Saturday, March 5, 2011

its all about the details

I obsess in getting my hands on one of a kind accessories that truly make one's outfit unique, easily stand out, define you. Recently I am so frustrated since I haven't taken that trip out of town that usually allows me to acquire such prized possessions. Its been awhile, I actually feel that I am in a rut in that field (I have that big mole in my foot that tags me as layas) Anyway this experience has taught me a lot in working with what I've got. No need to go far just make things your own. I have been surrounded by people with different points of view and strong personalities - very inspiring indeed. 
Rudolph Leonor
Noelle Llave

Mikka Velasquez             Reg Rodriguez

much love

of all things beautiful

A Visual Feast : Salon de Ning Manila Peninsula Hotel

Friday, March 4, 2011


Make-up has always been my comfort buy
what more if it is free!!

opposites attract

When realization hits.. 

Reg: parang there is something about our outfit (upon noticing our cross necklaces)
Donna:  uyyy we are like... (trying to supply the word) umm night and day? yin and yang? light and dark?
Reg:  umm opposites?

on Reg: gift from Belle knitted green wrap, Topshop black oversized tank, DIY cut offs and combat boots
on Donna: style and soul's Salmon pink blazer, Zara white tee and faded denim shorts and Cole Vintage clogs 

I will always be your light and breezy baby 
 Reg is your boho sexy lady 

*** the hat was an early birthday present! 

 this phenomenon continued on for 2 more days...
 edgy regina and safari donata

on reg: Dorothy Perkins black leather jacket, SM floral skirt
on Donna: random from HK blouse, MAssimo Dutti vest, Zara khaki shorts

our different take on pastels 

on donna: zara white blouse, topshop blue skirt
on reg: tango khaki sweater dress, random from Bkk skirt

so really opposites do attract 

shout out to Rudolph for always being squished in between!

much love

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hide your craziness behind your smile

paulo coelho just says it best. 
this will be my new mantra