Thursday, March 24, 2011

photo loco

tinkering with the i-phone and wowing at its capabilities
 I have found my favorite app ever!!!
the lomolomo allows you to mimic the effects of different types of lomo cameras, switch "lenses" and share it on tumblr, twitter, fb etc... 
I am hooked and have decided to make this a daily thing
so here are some photos that I want to share with you guys!
(we have been so busy all my photos are of my colleagues that I have been seeing every single day)

click links for their respective blogs


heyrocketgirl                           imruds
mynameismikka                         jemanfa

Ok, fine I didn't use my app for this photo but I can't help but post it with all the rest.
 After all He DID bring us all together

much love


  1. donna you look so cute here. I love everything that's on you :)

  2. love the photo effect and your outfit!

  3. @ melai and ava thanks guys! hope we get together again soon!!!

  4. it's like my hipstamatic prints which I am totally addicted to! :)


thanks for the love!