Wednesday, March 16, 2011

counting down...

Twas that day spent at Greenbelt, resting after walking around visiting each store that I have finally decided. Seated at Toast Box eyeing the window display of Gingersnaps, I had a flicker of inspiration. Yep carnival theme for this year! Although we didn't plan a party for C's 4th (hubby put his foot down - we cannot throw a party every year) I still felt the need to make it as special as possible! 

Yesterday was a light day for work, brought along my laptop and I was tinkering with the possibilities on how to design a backdrop. I would be needing one for the dinner I was planning with fam. Rudolph saw me and pitied me I think. After much effort I gave in and let him do it. After all he did finish multimedia arts.

so that's the result of what took him a few hours (would have taken me days and still wouldn't have been able to achieve this) super happy and grateful!!! Now thinking of more things I can ask him to do! (kidding) Although If you have noticed I did change my header! Thanks to him again! =)

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  1. gotta hand it to rudolph! ang ganda nito :)

  2. wish I had a friend as talented in multimedia as him. sure comes in handy! advanced happy birthday to your kid :)

  3. Happy Birthday C! Thanks Rudolph :D


thanks for the love!