Friday, December 31, 2010


i am so scared to fall into the phase of laziness again
look-see i haven't updated my blog for quite awhile due to reunions and what nots and now i have photos and topics in my head piling up and then being the twisty me instead of this being an encouragement it will act otherwise. 

I AM SO tempted to let this blogging thing go.

anyway i was with a Friend to 
the book signing of 
YVAN RODIC of face hunter.

Standing there with all the 
fashionistas of Manila 
I sort of FROZE
look at all of them shooting away! 
i didn't. i just stared. 

so maybe this blogging thing 
is really not for me!!! 
but i am still waiting for a sign. 
Which when i do get 
i will gladly show the world!!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

gone were the days

I am sooo broke this holiday season!!! 
gone were the days when you get envelopes of cash from relatives
so we have to entertain ourselves in different ways other than shopping

(check out heyrocketgirl and her shopping spree)

so off we went to watch manila film fest movies! 
chose shake rattle and roll 12. 
even though i am such a scaredy cat 
i always end up submitting myself to such torture!!! 
it was surprisingly great!!! 
so much better than the past ones and was actually impressed!
 yay to the filipino movie industry!!!


photos at the Christmas tree outside rockwell tee hee
feeling the Christmas Spirit acting all tourist-y 
at the big tree!

check out my sis's cool ass jade earrings

and as i told you we do whatever to entertain ourselves
my sister changes her nail color every single day!!!
for today it was orange just like her Prada. 

well hello Christmas!!!

Christmas Day!!!

just realized my photos are looking all gloomy here!!! 
should have smiled more!!! 
Anyway wore this outfit to two parties: my dad's side of the family and my husband family's reunion so it had to be appropriate for the occasion (all festive in green and red) and comfy as well. 
We had major games so decided on flats too!

forever 21 green printed and beaded blazer
forever 21 red with ruching bondage skirt
random from China purse

what i really love about this outfit is how the green and red just worked without looking all costume-y or too christmassy! I think the shades of the colors made it work! 


Sunday, December 26, 2010

peace. joy. love

Twas our night before Christmas... 

from disenador, an alexander mc queen silk dress and aldo purple satin pumps

head to toe zara (not intended)and necklace from koket

food comma and gifts overload!!!!

how did yours go???

Saturday, December 25, 2010

any given day

re-thinking having black and white tiles for the flooring for my future room in my future house. Now i think i want this black and white stripes!!!! adds that lil whimsy that i crave!

photo from:

Friday, December 24, 2010


Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Today you rule my world

forever 21 cream lace blouse
river island red doily shorts
H&M Camel structured coat
virtualmae leopard print wedges


gone were the days when finding the extraordinary pair of shoes takes such painstaking shopping has made everything soooo easy. But what truly kills me is that it is no longer just online shopping its LOCAL online shopping. so now holidays are here and i am broke but i cannot stop myself from lusting over these pairs!!!

BAXTER wedge booties from GOLD DOT
I cannot even decide which color to get!!!


I know this style has come out so looooong ago but i bought a cheap ass pair that is now broken from a different brand - that is why this is still on my list!!! for this one i will not be deciding which color to get. I WANT EM BOTH!!!


I want these so badly!!! The wedge part of the shoe also comes in pink! waaaaaah!!!


809 wedge booties from VIRTUAL MAE

Virtual Mae is my fave online shoe store and I am addicted. Every time i visit her page i want something! BUT for this season I am in love with red so I WANT THIS PAIR!!! I have this in leopard and its perfect. I can run in them! 


Don't dare stop me

For this outfit RED does NOT mean STOP!!!


random from China red bowler hat
topshop knitted sweater
culte femme shorts with detail
virtualmae boots


spin me around


Mango pink sweater
random shirt from China
cotton on faded denim shorts