Monday, December 27, 2010

gone were the days

I am sooo broke this holiday season!!! 
gone were the days when you get envelopes of cash from relatives
so we have to entertain ourselves in different ways other than shopping

(check out heyrocketgirl and her shopping spree)

so off we went to watch manila film fest movies! 
chose shake rattle and roll 12. 
even though i am such a scaredy cat 
i always end up submitting myself to such torture!!! 
it was surprisingly great!!! 
so much better than the past ones and was actually impressed!
 yay to the filipino movie industry!!!


photos at the Christmas tree outside rockwell tee hee
feeling the Christmas Spirit acting all tourist-y 
at the big tree!

check out my sis's cool ass jade earrings

and as i told you we do whatever to entertain ourselves
my sister changes her nail color every single day!!!
for today it was orange just like her Prada. 


  1. i faved this look in chictopia and im gonna say it again here in blogspot:

  2. great outfit! love the pants :)

  3. Love the photos! You look stunning, love! I like your bag esp!

  4. I love your outfit! It's so boho chic :D Do you know where I can get matte polish?!

  5. oooh wow those pants are utterly cool!!

  6. lol, I totally know what you mean about being broke over the holidays! I didn't buy anyone a present cause I was so broke. I'm glad you found other ways to entertain yourself. Thanks for the lovely comment on my wall. Thanks for shearing, love Sia xx

  7. I just gave you a STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!!!!! Check out my blog to accept it. Love Sia x


thanks for the love!