Friday, December 31, 2010


i am so scared to fall into the phase of laziness again
look-see i haven't updated my blog for quite awhile due to reunions and what nots and now i have photos and topics in my head piling up and then being the twisty me instead of this being an encouragement it will act otherwise. 

I AM SO tempted to let this blogging thing go.

anyway i was with a Friend to 
the book signing of 
YVAN RODIC of face hunter.

Standing there with all the 
fashionistas of Manila 
I sort of FROZE
look at all of them shooting away! 
i didn't. i just stared. 

so maybe this blogging thing 
is really not for me!!! 
but i am still waiting for a sign. 
Which when i do get 
i will gladly show the world!!!



  1. Oh wow, you were there and I didn't get the chance to say Hi :(

  2. Hi! You were there? So sad we didn't have the chance to meet. :(

    Please don't let go of blogging because you have a great style. I understand you. I also have those days when I'm too lazy to post something. If you love fashion, just don't give up, okay? :)

    Can't wait for more of your posts in 2011. Happy New Year, dear! ^_^

  3. @ honey i was so shy to approach anyone !!! hopefully there will be more times when we all have a reunion!!! happy new year!!!!

  4. @ alexa thank you so much for that!!! will take it to heart! happy new year!!! =)

  5. Hayee!! Thanks for the comment.;)
    And...awww..don't let go of blogging because you got an awesome one!!Have a sassy New Year.:)


  6. I was there din!!! Sayang I didn't meet you... Do continue blogging Donna, I think you're a cool girl. :) xo

  7. if you have something to share, then you have the license to blog.
    and im so jealous you got to meet yvan.
    happy new year!!!

  8. Tama, lets have some sort of reunion naman!! Haha!! And just like what everyone else said, dont give up on blogging.. Its normal to feel uninspired at times.. I love your style and it would be such a waste if you stopped sharing with us all the things that inspire you..

    Happy new year sweetie!!! :)

  9. is that a necklace or part of your top? Either way I like it.

    Following your blog now, hope youll like to follow mine too : )


  10. Ah I adore your outfit! You have a lovely blog, have a wonderful new year!

  11. hi sbot! the necklace is separate! =) thank you!!! will go visit your blog! =)

  12. thank you everyone!!! truly you have inspired me to keep on! will try not to disappoint!!!

  13. great posts!
    happy 2011

    please review my revitalash post and ask me questions :)

  14. Thanks for following.
    Love your blog so dont stop!
    Super lucky getting your book signed... great photos xx

  15. It was kind of intimidating to have all those fashionable people in one place huh?!

    So.. while everyone got Bongga.. you got "You are beautiful!" yiheee ;p

    Great blog, great outfit :)

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