Sunday, January 30, 2011

siesta fiesta

It was the feast of San Roque in Navotas where my hubby's family lives. Every year I am so excited for this one coz I am such a sucker for these lil things!!!

bands playing tunes from lady gaga and justin bieber!!! 
har har

 ladies in their black tights!!! Thank God for the cool weather!

 all the green came marching in !
this is so SPCP

my fave costume !!! don't they remind you of the papal guards? =)

an added whimsy
  gotta love the lace cuffs and diamond buttons on the sleeves!!! 

Floats a floating
my fave out of the many! who can resist lil cutie kids on a carousel float! 
* see that upturned purple umbrella? that's for catching the candies being thrown from the floats! Sometimes even coins!!!! must have hurt like hell but these people rush to the blessings (in any form)

 being all gangsta! 
my hubby grew up playing in these small streets at the back of their house! couldn't resist taking a photo against the street arts!

 Now that I have Carlos I keep saying I just love seeing the world through his eyes!!!

this lil boy is such a blessing! brings out the kid in me!!!
that will make me live longer right? =p

seeing through the crowd
 Thanks to Ate Kit and James, Carlito couldn't carry Carlos for a lone period of time coz of his swollen ankle! 

let them free
its these birds again hate seeing them all artificially colored and caged! BUT the kids love em!

well look at me all smiles!!! Till next year! woot!!!

much love

Saturday, January 29, 2011

wedding photos

We got the official wedding photos from PAT DY PHOTOGRAPHY already! all 1,364 of them!!! That number must be narrowed down to 150 for our official album - what a daunting task but hubby seems to be proving himself worthy and looking through the pics with me already!

Here are some of my faves from the bunch! 
(bear with me most of them are of myself hihi)

cinderella shoes

I was dead set to get the Louboutins SJP was wearing in the opening scene of Sex and the City 2 (not in gold though)no size for me! BOO!!! BUT no tears not only does this cost a fraction
of the price but also hell comfy tooI bet I died walking on those towering heels. There were lots of rough road walking going on around our church and stiff stairs i had to climb 

Forever and Ever

when my sister got married she had like 4 different perfumes with
her since she is such an addict!!! BUT me it was only this! the smell is light and airy (I am actually on my 2nd bottle already)! Even the name is perfect!!! and on the bottle cap (sadly its not shown) is CD for Christian Dior  - and also  our initials =)

Hair and Make-UP was done by Lourd Ramos! 
Just look at the detailed structured on the back but in front it
was very lightly pulled up!Don't even need to say anything about the make-up!!! Warned him I was such a crier (and hell did I cry) BUT no touch ups needed! =))

Take a Seat
 Chair souvenirs for our lady guests. This doubles as a jewelry box! The one shown here is my fave design. We had 7 =)

touch down

The groom is just as vain as I am. He bought these shoes way before I got mine


for the cuff links we decided on something simple and just had it engraved. YES by now you guys know that that is our initials hehe


dad and son
Carlos was in such a sulky mood wondering why he was not part of everything that's going on! Good thing they were still able to get him to pose 

love the treatment of the photo here looked like dawn =)


felt like family

got all teary eyed when i saw them approaching me! Didn't really think they would make it!

My ladies!!!

beware: tears a pouring

its all in the detail

oh those lil boys

captured moment!
my fave from it all see that JOY! =)

more joy

then off to the next 

much love

Thursday, January 27, 2011

tweed rock

I have been wanting to wear this tweed jacket I got from this Korean store in Hankow road, Hong Kong. Good thing the weather proves to be on my side and permits this and even a half leather leggings to match. We were off to see a movie anyway so i expected some needed barrier from the chills. Though the hubby was yet again clucking his tongue at the thought - Wanted to be all rock today so - so what. 

top: forever 21    shoes: soule phenomenon    leggings: topshop    bag: zara

We decided to watch SEASON OF THE WITCH against LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. A surprise since I usually run to romantic comedies automatically. But for some reason really didn't feel the pull towards Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal (for those who have seen the movie let me know how it is and feel free to make me feel otherwise). So instead we were set for the Crusades,the black plague and witch hunting! Came out from the movie all exhausted!!! Didn't think it would be SCARY as sh*t!!! BUT all in all it was actually good,was glued to the screen despite the shocking scary scenes!!!

anyhoo on a much lighter note. i got home to my son telling me to check out! (he is just 3 people) apparently it was announced after the show. Anyway i was all surprised but gladly obliged. i do try my best to indulge the artistic side of him as much and as often as i could. so I Checked out the cool art projects we can do. The artworks are meant for a much older age group but was able to find something simple enough for THE BOTH OF US since i am hopeless. So tom. we will be trying this CD curtain thingy that we will hang in his room window! its a nice way to do something about his DVDs too that are all scratched up and just waiting to be thrown out (but he wouldn't allow us to)! I HOPE it turns out well enough for me to show you guys the finished project! Do wish me luck!

much love!!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

heavy winds and ice creams

tuesday was pull-out day so outfit was all comfy. 
 looking at the photos now make me think my vest and pants combo is a bad idea! its making my eyes all teary! 
it's so graphic it hurts! 


here i am posing for an outfit shot!
so i am sure better photos will be coming out at
do check 'em out!!!
 for this one i am thanking heyrocketgirl!
 she always captures me in the oddest moments!!!
but aren't those the best and fun-nest to look at anyway?!

for this one i have to say - is my best detailed shot ever!
a close up of my accessories and my yummy yummy
 strawberry ice cream!!! again i have reg to thank! tee hee

much love!!!


Will be uploading better detailed shots of the shoes 

and new batch of clothes


stay tuned!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

finally updated this site again after 5 months!
this is where i post my pre-owned clothes =)
Do help a girl out and check it out! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i'm glad you told me so...

the day was started with a cup of brewed coffee that shot
 through my veins like lightning!

 instantly i was up and anxious to go about the task for the day.

we were assigned to different brands to pull-out 
though this was not my first ever (my second actually) to do this all on my own it really did feel like too much was at stake. 

easy breezy - not! 

 but still all smiles with HEYROCKETGIRL!

oooh and check out our footwear that will conquer the day

and for a different perspective on how our day went check and

much love!!!