Saturday, January 29, 2011

wedding photos

We got the official wedding photos from PAT DY PHOTOGRAPHY already! all 1,364 of them!!! That number must be narrowed down to 150 for our official album - what a daunting task but hubby seems to be proving himself worthy and looking through the pics with me already!

Here are some of my faves from the bunch! 
(bear with me most of them are of myself hihi)

cinderella shoes

I was dead set to get the Louboutins SJP was wearing in the opening scene of Sex and the City 2 (not in gold though)no size for me! BOO!!! BUT no tears not only does this cost a fraction
of the price but also hell comfy tooI bet I died walking on those towering heels. There were lots of rough road walking going on around our church and stiff stairs i had to climb 

Forever and Ever

when my sister got married she had like 4 different perfumes with
her since she is such an addict!!! BUT me it was only this! the smell is light and airy (I am actually on my 2nd bottle already)! Even the name is perfect!!! and on the bottle cap (sadly its not shown) is CD for Christian Dior  - and also  our initials =)

Hair and Make-UP was done by Lourd Ramos! 
Just look at the detailed structured on the back but in front it
was very lightly pulled up!Don't even need to say anything about the make-up!!! Warned him I was such a crier (and hell did I cry) BUT no touch ups needed! =))

Take a Seat
 Chair souvenirs for our lady guests. This doubles as a jewelry box! The one shown here is my fave design. We had 7 =)

touch down

The groom is just as vain as I am. He bought these shoes way before I got mine


for the cuff links we decided on something simple and just had it engraved. YES by now you guys know that that is our initials hehe


dad and son
Carlos was in such a sulky mood wondering why he was not part of everything that's going on! Good thing they were still able to get him to pose 

love the treatment of the photo here looked like dawn =)


felt like family

got all teary eyed when i saw them approaching me! Didn't really think they would make it!

My ladies!!!

beware: tears a pouring

its all in the detail

oh those lil boys

captured moment!
my fave from it all see that JOY! =)

more joy

then off to the next 

much love


  1. Oh my gosh.. So heartwarming...

    Congratulations and I'm really happy for you!!!! You were so beautiful!!! <3

  2. donna!!! i got super kilig reading this post!!! <33333333333 i'm a sucker pa naman for romantic cheesiness and this one's suuuuper cuuuute <333333 i love the captured wedding moment of you and carlito! galing talaga ni pat!!!

  3. WOW girl!! You loook beautiful and these pictures are to die for!! I've never seen such romantic wedding pictures in my life. I could really feel the love just from looking at the pictures. Thanks for shearing,love Sia x

  4. Beautiful photographs!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today.
    Hope to see you there again soon!

  5. Really loved the "moments" of true happiness and pure love....they always bring joyful tears in my eyes :-)

  6. congrats on your wedding.. it's really a beautiful wedding.. :D

  7. gorgeous photos - i wish you many years of happiness !!

    stop by sometime<3

  8. Such beautiful photos!! Congratulations xx

  9. looks like it was an amazing wedding!:))

  10. Beautiful photographs !!!!!!

  11. I love looking at the photos <3 CONGRATULATIONS :)

  12. wow, your wedding looks so fab! congrats dear! :)


  13. Congratulations! Your dress is amazing!

  14. gorgeous wedding!!! i love the photo of you and your hubby! captured moment.

    and you look so radiant in your gown...really beautiful!

  15. i always get teary eyed when looking at wedding pics and yours are no exception. you look so gorgeous! congratulations :)

  16. Thanks for your comment ! & congratulations on your wedding ! Lovely photos ;)

  17. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST OF YOURS!!!!!!! But I know you're holding out on us!!! Where's that close-up photo of yours where you looked both fierce and just lovely!?! I loved that one! haha I loved the C winning moment! He looked like he won the lotto and he sure did! So happy for you my love!!! Happiness all the way :D

  18. Donna!

    Congratulations again. I was smiling the whole time I was reading your post. Can't wait to see you soon! :)


thanks for the love!