Tuesday, January 4, 2011

time to grow up

my lil family went around scouting for pre-schools today
been totally dreading this part where i have to finally step up and act like a grown up!

for the earlier part of my son's life we sent him to GYMBOREE since it was convenient but now we have to bring him to a real pre-school just to make sure he is all prepared when he steps into the BIG school!

 wish us luck!
 we can't even get him to go to sleep at a regular time hum hum

so for now i'll just try to dress the part  


  1. Wow looking for a preschool..ang exciting at the same time nerve wracking! Good luck with that Donata...And wow you look sooo classy with your outfit :) Lovin the pale maxi skirt <3

  2. love your outfit :) you have a son??? hindi halata :) you're pretty! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. All the best for finding a pre school for your soon. You don't even look like your a mum, you look GREAT!! I hope when I'm a mum, I look as good as you. Love Sia

  4. Heyy again(:

    I just got your comment and i'm so excited that your interested and can't wait to get started! I was wondering by chance if there's an email i can get from you so i can send you an informational/survey email regarding the blog featuring(:

    feel free to send me your email through a comment on my blog or just email me yourself and be sure to put your name and or your blog title in the subject line! thanks so muchh(:


  5. i bet youre the most fashyown mom in the whole batch! :D

  6. Dons! Which schools are you considering? :) Good luck with the preschool hunt!

  7. dressing the part check. giving your kid a schedule to follow.. being a great mom. check! hahaha Love the skirt!!

  8. @ fin we went to creative beginnings rica recommended it! =)

  9. Consider Explorations also! :)

  10. your skirt is positivly gorgeous.
    the detail is beautiful!!!


thanks for the love!