Wednesday, January 19, 2011

of devotions

The family of my husband has been going to the Fiesta of the Sto. Nino in Tondo (not Cebu)for 19 years now. It all started when his younger brother got really sick when he was barely a year old. Their dad then promised Sto. Nino that he will not miss a single Fiesta for as long as he lives just please save his son. 

Now as an official part of their family I got to experience mass here in Tondo. Photos are of things that caught my eye hopefully you guys get the experience through them as well. 

saw so many different Sto. Ninos that day dressed in different outfits but had to take a photo of this sea of red and gold all together

see so many outfits!!!
this is just sad for me apparently these chicks do not live past a week or something =(


someone explain this to me

liked that each color has its meaning so here's a guide

much love!!!


  1. sana makapunta kayo dito sa sinulog sa cebu!

  2. o wow what an inspirational story!!! It looks like such a colourful and lovely place to be. You look like you had fun. Thanks for shearing. love Sia xx

  3. @ liezl: inggit na inggit nga ko sa mga pumunta !!! looked like it was a blast maybe next year!!! =))

  4. @ Sia it was a nice experience indeed!!! thanks for your lovely comment !!!

  5. I really want to attend fiestas so jealous.. lovely photos! :) following you!

  6. You look so lovely Donata!
    Love your pants *__*


  7. @ the beauty addict : it is indeed a great experience! thanks for following!!!

    @MArc thank you!!!


thanks for the love!