Thursday, January 13, 2011

back to work!

I was reminded again how blessed we all are to be part 
of this team of lovely and delightfully talented people! 

Surely glad to see and be with everyone again!! 
I am so excited for OUR 2011!!!

 Reg showed up in this pair of leggings! 
so loved the burst of colors! 

this girl also known as HEYROCKETGIRL in the blogging world was picked by teen vogue as best dressed reader last Jan. 6!!! 
so make it a point to drop by her blog!

for me the day was all peachy indeed!!!

LUIS with his red Givenchy Antigona!
and if you want to satisfy your fashion and lifestyle appetite
check out
you will also get to see what the rest of us were wearing 

oooooooh and something got us all grinning from ear to ear!!!

wait for it....



  1. Her leggings are so great! and you look so adorable!

    ps i'm glad you feel more inspired to wear whatever due to my last post!! =)

  2. You look great and its so nice to know that other blogger, cause I fellow her and I love her style. You two are a stylist pair, lol.

  3. Pretty girls!!! <3

    And thank God for another Forever21 branch coz the one in Megamall is so congested na!

  4. lovely style you people it! and too bad both forever21 is still far from me. booo!!!

  5. a red givenchy bag on a guy? nice !

  6. you both look adorable! i love your color combinations! following you now, hope you can check out my blog and follow me back =)

  7. @ FH thank you!!! i am also following you already! =)

    @ Sia thanks sia! =) you always have lovely comments for us both!

    @ honey oo nga good thing they are expanding!!!

  8. I love your blazer. I really want to go back and visit the Philippines again!


thanks for the love!