Wednesday, January 26, 2011

heavy winds and ice creams

tuesday was pull-out day so outfit was all comfy. 
 looking at the photos now make me think my vest and pants combo is a bad idea! its making my eyes all teary! 
it's so graphic it hurts! 


here i am posing for an outfit shot!
so i am sure better photos will be coming out at
do check 'em out!!!
 for this one i am thanking heyrocketgirl!
 she always captures me in the oddest moments!!!
but aren't those the best and fun-nest to look at anyway?!

for this one i have to say - is my best detailed shot ever!
a close up of my accessories and my yummy yummy
 strawberry ice cream!!! again i have reg to thank! tee hee

much love!!!


thanks for the love!