Sunday, January 2, 2011

blown away

I got my title from the movie we were watching this morning at like 4am when you usually get unknown old movies. Anyway doesn't it sound so romantic? BLOWN AWAY..but the whole plot was about 
this guy who makes ingenuous bombs and kept blowing people up! 
(so yah kinda literal that title). 

Anyway I think the title suits my outfit for today. 
Something Ironic. the way i like it. something unexpected. not going all the way with one look - like how this blouse being army green toughened up this tutu dress. do not want people looking at me and feeling the need to throw up because of too much girli-ness or too much rock, punk or something like that. 

there are special times when i get inspiration for my outfits while i am half asleep that moment when you stop dreaming almost awake but images still flash in your head? 

then you just build it up piece by piece

thought i was not going to be able to wear this tiny lil dress i got so long ago - i was thinner then and obsessed with the romantic. I get a lil bit side-tracked once in awhile but i do come back to my roots. 

see the rosettes? that nailed it. 
took it out of the rack in a flash


wouldn't you like to imagine fairies and meadows and butterflies 
messy hair with flowers, me dancing barefoot singing a tune.


that's why this is real life. 


  1. Oh my.. I'm in love with your dress babe <3

  2. I love this outfit - the satchel is gorgeous. I found you through Gossamery's blog, and I love yours! I'm your newest follower

    Lauren Loves...


  3. I agree, I think the title of the post really matches your outfit. You look lovely, love Sia x

  4. Your dress is really such a wonder! I want it!!!

  5. @ honey thank you!!!
    @ lauren thank you for following me !!! followed you back! =)
    @Sia thanks for that =) think of all my posts this is the one i put much effort in!
    @ marinela thank u!!! =))

  6. thanks a lot for your nice comment :)
    you are really pretty and i love the dress and the bag!!!

  7. Beautiful :))))))


  8. hello there(: i just happened to stumble upon your blog and i'm so glad i did(: you have wonderful outfit posts(: and i can't wait to see what's in store for this brand new year(:

    if you would ever like to consider being featured on my blog, i would love to let my followers know about you and your blog! please let me know if your interested by leaving a comment and or emailing me(:

    happy new year - i wish you the best!

  9. Great bag!

    Following your blog now, hope youll like to follow mine too : )

    <3 Stephanie

  10. oh i really love the color of your bag, been wanting a shade like that forever :) the ruffles in your dress are so romantic!

  11. I love your dress and the color of your bag. Just read some of your recent yet older posts.

    You were at the facehunter event too! Don't worry, when I started I was super shy to even look at everyone. Next event come with us okay! This blogging thing is for everyone, especially you and your fashionable self :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. you look great!!!xxx

  13. like this chic style.. your bag really fabulous, love the bold!!

    thx for leave comment in my blog, i really appreciate it.
    i'm your new follower :) feel free if you wanna follow me back


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  14. loooove it :) great style, happy new year! following xo

  15. Fitting title because I love the pop of color from the bag! Looking good!

  16. That dress is beautiful :)
    Ang xxx

  17. Thank you so much everyone for your nice and sweet comments on this post!!! =) actually quite overwhelming! much love!!! =))

  18. cute outfit! the shirt over the dress works so well :)


  19. woow! awesome bag, it's beautiful!
    thanks for your comment:)
    I'm following you now, thanks for following!



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