Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I SPY Telebasura

 I was featured at Telebasura's blog in their I SPY corner where they show off those that chose to wear their lovely fringe creations!!! =) Do check out their blog to see all of their accessories!

white random tank dress, black zara scarf, black virtualmae gladiators and black fringe necklace from telebasura

Monday, July 26, 2010

when birthdays strike

Its been awhile since us girls were out =) sad that we needed a birthday as an excuse!

Nicole making her birthday wish (for the 5,000th take)

someone couldn't wait ...
cake from bake and churn. SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

making it look effortless to slice this.. so not! 

girls determined to dance!!! 

you said what???

last stroll for the night

outfit: f21 blouse and skirt, topshop purse and zara shoes

Saturday, July 24, 2010

love lost and found...

So this is a story of a girl... 
who has found love

in the simplest things

and lost it again...

because she has discovered such great treasures to behold with a flick of a hand

(My wishlist, shortened...)
Balenciaga Woven First in Blue Royal

Manolo Blahnik cut-out lace up bootie                                     
YSL Rosette- Ankle Sandal

she wakes up from a dream, wanting more and more...
It will never end..
they will indeed keep you lusting..


Friday, July 23, 2010

drizzle it i care.

Drizzling and all, I was outside Shang trying to have my photo taken. After 5 million shots I can only show you guys two. 

This was me trying not to smile so much as people stare and wonder what the hell I was doing posing next to a sign that clearly does not say much (well from my perspective)

Just to top it all off from the gazillion shots this was one of two AND this was accidental. See I have my eyes close!

I was beyond pissed already because the boyfriend is not taking it seriously...


So I ended up with all these earrings! 

I must say it is about time. I have been doing without it for awhile. I remember when it was all about the earrings. I think I was still in High school then, when a large hoop was all it takes to make the outfit! Now I have stocked up on layers and layers of necklaces (yes I haven't gotten over that trend) and stacks and stacks of bangles and I have yet to stop. Going back to earrings might just save me from buying more than I need.   

3.1 philip lim peace sign tee, cotton on gray and black skirt, chicasiancouture beige flats, river island skulls and spades peach scarf and stained with red wine cream balenciaga purse.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Cotton on skirt. Cuteture shirt bottom cut off. chicasian couture shoes.

.purple balenciaga purse.

all from

MY LOVELIES arrived today!!! I am stocking up on flats since having a 3 year old , I pretty am on the run all the time. The past weeks we have been going away without the nanny. I think its better for everyone. But it also means less heels for me! I have yet to learn the art of balance (dunno how POSH does it really). 

Monday, July 19, 2010

a talk on shoes - or is it?

Loving the nudes even though it is raining already.. I seem to not be able to let go of summer... or maybe the girly girl in me is screaming out for the blooms. I have always been in love with detail, anything out of the ordinary may it be beading or the cut. Anything that makes an outfit - well not simple. Now I have moved on to shoes. WISH ME LUCK on this.. once I have gotten obsessed there is no stopping me... 

However of course as we build up our collection of stand out, outlandish pieces, sometimes cheap sometimes expensive - we also have to build the foundation of classic designs. My sister got me my first Louboutins. They were black patent pumps. 

My next one would be in cream. Like this one on Eva Longoria. Isn't it just so sensible?? Yes yes and it does make the legs longer too.

Then maybe I can move on to more flamboyant pieces like maybe.... 

  THIS =)

Loving me loving you...



I wouldn't want this to be a talk on socks but I can't help getting giddy over it. I have been in search for a pair that doesn't belong with sneakers for the longest time. I have failed miserably and just ended up with the generic gray! 

(see photo on the left)

I was so happy when on our trip to Singapore I was able to get 2 high knee socks from River Island and a bunch from Takashimaya Department Store in the kids section. =)


So as a result, the romantic look =)
I'm wearing a forever 21 dress and Nine West yellow shoes. Ain't the poof of the flower such a good added detail?