Saturday, July 24, 2010

love lost and found...

So this is a story of a girl... 
who has found love

in the simplest things

and lost it again...

because she has discovered such great treasures to behold with a flick of a hand

(My wishlist, shortened...)
Balenciaga Woven First in Blue Royal

Manolo Blahnik cut-out lace up bootie                                     
YSL Rosette- Ankle Sandal

she wakes up from a dream, wanting more and more...
It will never end..
they will indeed keep you lusting..



  1. YSL Rosette Sandal_so dreamy!

  2. love your green preety..:)

  3. cute outfit dear!!!=) btw, about the pampanga trip. You can contact Advocate Tours, we booked from them. Here's the number: 0917-5530320 or 0917-5011884. Goodluck!:)

  4. I wanted the Valentino rose sandals last S/S 2010 so badly!!!!! haha YSL reminded me of it. But I'm loving the Manolo :)


thanks for the love!