Monday, July 19, 2010

a talk on shoes - or is it?

Loving the nudes even though it is raining already.. I seem to not be able to let go of summer... or maybe the girly girl in me is screaming out for the blooms. I have always been in love with detail, anything out of the ordinary may it be beading or the cut. Anything that makes an outfit - well not simple. Now I have moved on to shoes. WISH ME LUCK on this.. once I have gotten obsessed there is no stopping me... 

However of course as we build up our collection of stand out, outlandish pieces, sometimes cheap sometimes expensive - we also have to build the foundation of classic designs. My sister got me my first Louboutins. They were black patent pumps. 

My next one would be in cream. Like this one on Eva Longoria. Isn't it just so sensible?? Yes yes and it does make the legs longer too.

Then maybe I can move on to more flamboyant pieces like maybe.... 

  THIS =)


  1. very chic choice!

  2. babe where did you buy the white oxfords? It's so pretty!:) well everything's pretty but that one caught my eye. hehe


  3. hi i got it from topshop awhile back, i'm not sure if they still have it though =(

  4. you have the floral boots i want! ooooh i'm so envious!

  5. one of my finds from the one time i braved our f21 =))


thanks for the love!