Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY First!

Last week left me with so much time in my hands that I actually got myself into DIY-ing. I was browsing through blogs and I saw this! There were loads of ideas in there BUT I was really not that confident with my sewing skills yet (nor my cutting). I ended up trying the simplest one of the bunch by: Yael Aflalo. Her's was originally of a tank top with fringes but since I really didn't feel comfortable with wearing anything sleeveless lately I kinda altered it a bit. 
I started with looking for a white plain shirt I can experiment with. So I grabbed one of my hubby's shirts he hasn't been using much anymore and snipped the bottom part to make a cropped top. I also cut out the collar and the sleeves =)
Last part of the project was to sew in the fringes at the bottom part of the shirt - then DONE!

Here's how it turned out!!! 
What do you guys think??

I cannot wait to try out more DIY!!! 
Any ideas you want to share with me? 

much love

Sunday, April 24, 2011

sail away

Holy week is best spent in reflection.  
As what you can probably observe from my previous post my mind has been in a whirl lately. 
I guess the silence and the time really breeds such thoughts.
I have been recently been wanting to sail away 
(escape has always been part of my instinct) 
BUT I am glad to say that I am now anchored to the ground. 
I am happy. 

Happy Easter Everyone!
Top: bazaar find skirt: shopvintagefinds clogs: random from spain necklace: river island

many faces

Happy Easter everyone!!!

much love

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Something silly I just want to share with you guys! 

I bet the dragons got the time wrong too. 

credits: sapling press in cahoots with

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A battle between structure and softness
A challenge of deciding 
so why not reconcile the two

why not balance it out
make an hourglass

much love

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Never give up on your dreams, 

follow the signs. 
Paulo Coelho

cover up: Topshop
tulle layered top: Zara
dream personalized ring: ANAGON

The universe has thrashed me around the last few years unable to find a strong foothold for me to claim that this is it. I have been lost without the yearning of what to do and what to become. Motherhood had allowed me to push the pause button and slowed things down. A break that showed what is that I truly want. If it wasn't for that I would have continued my reckless carefree life where heartaches were made to become excuses of an easy-go-lucky me. 

With Carlos around I thought I wanted to save the world. To make it a better place for him to live in. Maybe I could shield him from the hostility it would bring. However going down that path has left me even more broken than when I started. 

Again another stand still...A long lull where I went through the motions of being okay.  And then one day I was.  I started moving, choosing. So it was given to me - that direction I have been asking for. Thanking God I did not settle, that I embraced that moment of   aimlessness because when I was ready and the time was  right he gave me a sign. 

He continuously does. So watch out for it. It will come.

much love

Happy birthday

"We choose who we let in in our weird little worlds" 
from Good Will Hunting

I am glad I chose you. 
Happy birthday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Enchanted Birthday

Realization hits you during the most unexpected times. I wasn’t truly prepared for this one but it surely got me to thinking. 

It was a Sunday spent in EK to celebrate C’s birthday. Got there late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and really didn’t feel the need to spend the entire day since we have toddlers with us with the tendency to get all cranky when tired (and parents who get cranky when the need comes to carry the not so lil ones around). 

First stop was the roller skaters. I truly honestly thought it would be fine since C’s younger cousin has tried it numerous times and loved it. I had a nagging feeling in me since C has a tendency to be, well duwag. Shook it off since he’s watching it go and is still in line.
Well turned out this nagging feeling is there for a reason. We got off and C was all mad at me! We ended up doing the kiddi-est rides the whole day. 

He was so happy after that and even more so when we got him bubbles which he ended up playing with more. I was kinda disappointed. 
I expected him to be in all the rides and being all adventurous. However looking back he was happiest when he wasn't being forced. And isn't that what is the most important. 
Keeping that in mind in every step of the way.

much love 

Friday, April 15, 2011

just something to ponder on

For Sunday’s Style Origin Fashion Show, I was going around ATC for clothes selection at the brands that were assigned to me.  I came across something gripping. It has been an issue in our group lately the importance of us in the fashion industry to uphold  the dignity of the work. To show others that this is not something as simple as looking good and knowing what to match with stripes or which shoes are in season BUT that the work takes much effort and passion and knowledge too. So with this I share with you guys what I saw in Kenneth Cole’s wall - 
“to be aware is more important than what you wear”

much love


For you guys down South do watch the Fashion Show this Sunday in ATC!!!
If you want to see the chronicles of our past Fashion Shows check:

Friday, April 8, 2011

bursting out!

a burst of orange
 screaming against 
the black and white
a bold and lurid choice

I choose to be noticed
I choose to stand out
apart from the crowd
loud and proud

To Pinoys out there no need to put blame and hate.
We know in ourselves where we are at. 
And at the rate we are going we will get there soon enough. 


much love


Check out how my colleagues chose to stand out

Monday, April 4, 2011


You know that commercial (Cornetto) where they ask you how far your 20 pesos would go? Well in my case - this striking red with daisy print maxi dress!!! Imagine my surprise when I found it in the sale pile in a thift shop! Held on to it with dear life! Funny how it stayed in my closet for more than a year. I have to give my thanks to  HEYROCKETGIRL  for reminding me of this one! 

how about you, what's your favorite thrifted piece??

much love

Sunday, April 3, 2011

sweet for my sweet

A few months back I was given the chance to work with Belle on a project that had us dealing with small cutesy dresses and tiny feet! I was super excited since it will release my frustration on not being able to shop for cute tutus and frills (since yeah I have a lil BOY). And really this is a new experience and a whole different playing field. True enough the experience turned out to be hella fun and I did learn a lot out of it! 

Gotta love our model Louise. She seems to be a whole lot older than she truly is. Easy to work with and understands already the job that needs to be done. The shoot was a breeze because of this!

Different looks! All fun, playful and GIRLY of course which is what SUGARKIDS is all about!

My favorite of all!!! Pink brocade with the tutu and the head band - SCREAMS all GIRL

SUGARKIDS' signature is to have something sweet in their ADs so for ours it was the lollipops!!!
I was truly impressed with Louise here she didn't fidget and just stayed in the pose directed! =))
always gives me goosebumps when I see our work up in stores or billboards!
I couldn't contain my giddy-ness and just had to take a photo!
I was doing a pull-out for again another shoot for kids with HEYROCKETGIRL when I saw this!Glad to say that project was such a success! Love working with the kiddos!!!

much love