Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Enchanted Birthday

Realization hits you during the most unexpected times. I wasn’t truly prepared for this one but it surely got me to thinking. 

It was a Sunday spent in EK to celebrate C’s birthday. Got there late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and really didn’t feel the need to spend the entire day since we have toddlers with us with the tendency to get all cranky when tired (and parents who get cranky when the need comes to carry the not so lil ones around). 

First stop was the roller skaters. I truly honestly thought it would be fine since C’s younger cousin has tried it numerous times and loved it. I had a nagging feeling in me since C has a tendency to be, well duwag. Shook it off since he’s watching it go and is still in line.
Well turned out this nagging feeling is there for a reason. We got off and C was all mad at me! We ended up doing the kiddi-est rides the whole day. 

He was so happy after that and even more so when we got him bubbles which he ended up playing with more. I was kinda disappointed. 
I expected him to be in all the rides and being all adventurous. However looking back he was happiest when he wasn't being forced. And isn't that what is the most important. 
Keeping that in mind in every step of the way.

much love 


  1. super cute the red white and blue family picture!! :) and the picture of C all mad, cutie pa rin siya! hahaha


    p.s i like your red shorts!

  3. How cute are these pictures!! Your little one is so cute. Love Sia x

  4. ahhh...i wish i can go back to EK soon...had such a blast with friends there.

    ps. your red shorts are so cute! would love to have one this summer...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. OMG that pic of Carlos mad is sooo hilarious!!! I could just imagine you're regret after!! hahaha and his annoyance towards you for making him take that ride :))


thanks for the love!