Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Never give up on your dreams, 

follow the signs. 
Paulo Coelho

cover up: Topshop
tulle layered top: Zara
dream personalized ring: ANAGON

The universe has thrashed me around the last few years unable to find a strong foothold for me to claim that this is it. I have been lost without the yearning of what to do and what to become. Motherhood had allowed me to push the pause button and slowed things down. A break that showed what is that I truly want. If it wasn't for that I would have continued my reckless carefree life where heartaches were made to become excuses of an easy-go-lucky me. 

With Carlos around I thought I wanted to save the world. To make it a better place for him to live in. Maybe I could shield him from the hostility it would bring. However going down that path has left me even more broken than when I started. 

Again another stand still...A long lull where I went through the motions of being okay.  And then one day I was.  I started moving, choosing. So it was given to me - that direction I have been asking for. Thanking God I did not settle, that I embraced that moment of   aimlessness because when I was ready and the time was  right he gave me a sign. 

He continuously does. So watch out for it. It will come.

much love


  1. Loving your cover-up!!! :D Miss you!

  2. i love it, the prose in your poetry :-)

  3. @ honey Andrade : miss you all too! hope to see you soon!!!

    @ Luis looks like this break is allowing me to reflect =)

  4. paulo coelho never fails to inspire!

  5. Well said Dons! I hope my path becomes clear too..

  6. followed your blog. :)

    it's entirely true that when we want something, the whole universe conspires.


thanks for the love!