Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY First!

Last week left me with so much time in my hands that I actually got myself into DIY-ing. I was browsing through blogs and I saw this! There were loads of ideas in there BUT I was really not that confident with my sewing skills yet (nor my cutting). I ended up trying the simplest one of the bunch by: Yael Aflalo. Her's was originally of a tank top with fringes but since I really didn't feel comfortable with wearing anything sleeveless lately I kinda altered it a bit. 
I started with looking for a white plain shirt I can experiment with. So I grabbed one of my hubby's shirts he hasn't been using much anymore and snipped the bottom part to make a cropped top. I also cut out the collar and the sleeves =)
Last part of the project was to sew in the fringes at the bottom part of the shirt - then DONE!

Here's how it turned out!!! 
What do you guys think??

I cannot wait to try out more DIY!!! 
Any ideas you want to share with me? 

much love


  1. that's a cool idea! LOVE!!! <3


  2. such a cool diy! am gonna try it too:) nice:)

  3. sounds pretty simple, i must try this!

  4. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and I can say it's great!
    This idea is so genius, simple but with a stunning impression afterwards! Like it.
    Have a look at my blog too, please. What about following each other? xx Nini

  5. I've tried DIYs myself and I must say, it does take a lot of tries. Cool idea! :)


thanks for the love!