Friday, July 23, 2010

drizzle it i care.

Drizzling and all, I was outside Shang trying to have my photo taken. After 5 million shots I can only show you guys two. 

This was me trying not to smile so much as people stare and wonder what the hell I was doing posing next to a sign that clearly does not say much (well from my perspective)

Just to top it all off from the gazillion shots this was one of two AND this was accidental. See I have my eyes close!

I was beyond pissed already because the boyfriend is not taking it seriously...


So I ended up with all these earrings! 

I must say it is about time. I have been doing without it for awhile. I remember when it was all about the earrings. I think I was still in High school then, when a large hoop was all it takes to make the outfit! Now I have stocked up on layers and layers of necklaces (yes I haven't gotten over that trend) and stacks and stacks of bangles and I have yet to stop. Going back to earrings might just save me from buying more than I need.   

3.1 philip lim peace sign tee, cotton on gray and black skirt, chicasiancouture beige flats, river island skulls and spades peach scarf and stained with red wine cream balenciaga purse.

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