Tuesday, January 11, 2011

of squabbles and JENGAAAAA

Bonding time with girlfriends surely cures all illnesses!(mentally that is) We were all coughing away and all phlegmy so physical health doesn't count.

Sophie was in charge of entertainment and brought scrabble letters and JENGA which had us hooked till the wee hours of the morning! Who would have thought childhood games can still be this fun.  

We started with SQUABBLE. 
So how to play? 
1. someone needs to 1 by 1 pull out letters and lay it down for everyone to see
2. you just grab the letters if you see that they have formed words 
3. you are allowed to steal words from opponents if letters come up that may add up to their existing words
4. ready. set. SQUABBLE!!!

turned out Sophie was a master!!!
see all the words she has in front of her compared to ours!!!

anyway off to JENGAAAAAAAAA!!!

MARA was hailed the QUEEN of JENGA 
she has nimble fingers hahaha

turned out i suck at JENGA too!! 
after awhile just sat there cheering!

additional rules that made this a grown up game

each round played, the loser takes a shot
so for those drinking artic - got a glass of wine to chug
the boys who were drinking green - well we turned mean - they had to shot green label, artic strawberry, wine 
then fine a glass of water teehee

so i guess it won't be proper to call that a shot then. 

anyway we were suppose to go swimming the next morning/afternoon
but there was a party and we felt a lil bit weirded out to be swimming in front of old men. 

so just had lunch out instead !


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  1. Aww sounds like you all had a great time. I think you made the right choice not to swim in front of ald men, lol. Love Sia x


thanks for the love!