Friday, March 4, 2011

opposites attract

When realization hits.. 

Reg: parang there is something about our outfit (upon noticing our cross necklaces)
Donna:  uyyy we are like... (trying to supply the word) umm night and day? yin and yang? light and dark?
Reg:  umm opposites?

on Reg: gift from Belle knitted green wrap, Topshop black oversized tank, DIY cut offs and combat boots
on Donna: style and soul's Salmon pink blazer, Zara white tee and faded denim shorts and Cole Vintage clogs 

I will always be your light and breezy baby 
 Reg is your boho sexy lady 

*** the hat was an early birthday present! 

 this phenomenon continued on for 2 more days...
 edgy regina and safari donata

on reg: Dorothy Perkins black leather jacket, SM floral skirt
on Donna: random from HK blouse, MAssimo Dutti vest, Zara khaki shorts

our different take on pastels 

on donna: zara white blouse, topshop blue skirt
on reg: tango khaki sweater dress, random from Bkk skirt

so really opposites do attract 

shout out to Rudolph for always being squished in between!

much love


  1. I like Safari Donata :p

  2. @ attymarie i was wearing your vest haha

  3. I LOOOOVE THIS POST. :) hahaha! super yin and yang with rudolph in between :)

  4. I love this post. I love both of your styles. xx

  5. Donna! I just saw this :) The salmon blazer is great on you :)

  6. @melai thanks!!! twas truly a great find! everyone wants to get it from me hahaha


thanks for the love!