Sunday, August 1, 2010

so finally...

My friend Chesa turned 25 this week. We actually celebrated 3 times, one without her (yes seriously).Anyway the photos that follow were from last Saturday. After all these years we are back in Ponti. This place is historic.  

such a busy busy photo!

Happy Birthday Dear! Officially you're the oldest of us 3!!! =)

How I met your Father Crew!! I seriously have to finish that series!

Kagawad (Councilor) Chesa has always been one of the boys =)

love you too ches hahaha huggin me all tight!!!
As to Ponti thank you for all those fun nights spent guzzling your awesome drinks dancing the night away =) You have been such a big part of our teen years and pretend still-teen years
Keep it coming!!!

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