Monday, February 21, 2011

a quick lesson

on the art of posing

loved the direction here by BELLE even though felt my whole left leg cramp afterwards! 
Must just do something about my facial expression ...

promise guys i did try ...

failed miserably. do not know how others do it. 
check out REG's site and how she flaunted her pair! 

outfit: thrifted pink blouse, topshop military green lace top, 
zara denim shorts, cream wedge
art direction and photography: Belle Camarsi (yiheeee)
location: joey samson's atelier (really great backdrop for both mine and reg's look!!!) THANK YOU

much love


  1. excuse me, you so didn't fail kaya!!! you look fierce!!!!:) and i really really love your shoes!!

  2. Hi Donna! It was nice to meet you! ♥

  3. @ reg need to master the art of facial expression hahahahah next time smile na nga lang ako!

  4. @ krissy: nice meeting you too!!!

    @ honey: hehehe kulit!


thanks for the love!