Monday, February 14, 2011

all the more inspiring

Saturday's are meant for this...


never mind that I missed the Hot Air Ballon Festival in Clark (sorry girls) BUT this didn't even feel like work, felt like I was watching some sort of documentary... an observer of something magical. 
it was simply
jaw-dropping , awe-inspiring 
photo 1: Lope Navo and Luis Espiritu exchange not just glances but ideas for the shoot 
photo 2: blocks for Hideo's 1st layout
Photo 3 and 4: Hideo working those blocks, Lope in action! Hear him say "beautiful!!!"
Photo 1: Hideo attempting to do a hand stand for the 3rd layout.  hmmm... not quite safe for that
Photo 2: Last layout for the day. Luis in action - a tight shot for the Kurbatas. 

we finished in express time!!! Not like it was surprising at the rate we were going! 
Noelle Llave, Mikka Velasquez, Rudolph Leonor and ME with Hideo 

with the "aunties" Louis Claparols and Bobby Carlos

The whole gang for the day (minus Luis) with LOPE NAVO
wanna learn more about him?
 Luis wrote a blog entry that got us all super excited!!! click

much love

NOTE: do click on the links to understand the magic


thanks for the love!