Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the pair was free

in lieu of the coming new year i have decided to be more open to trying out new things (which i aim to do every year and manage to forget around june) . When I received a tweet from Bqueenshoes to enter their contest I jumped in the opportunity to the mere mention of free shoes!!! 

so as you can see you just have to send photos of yourself and wait to get approved!!! so send away I did of my fave outfit post at that time. 

and waited for the news!!!!

I actually wasn't expecting anything from it since I just did it for fun. 

here are the 5 designs I got to choose from!
so which one do you think I picked? 

anyway days past and I actually forgot about it until I got a notice from the Express Mail Service that I have a package to pick up from Pasay. It was such a daunting task since I have heard horror stories of how the system works over there BUT i got sweet reminders from friends and REG to think FREE SHOES!!!

The experience - well I do not want to say horrible but it was  pretty much annoying. It took us 2 hours to claim the shoes and pay 1,100 for it in taxes!!! GOOD THING the pair WAS FREE!!!

So off to the 2nd part of the task. 
I have to take 3 photos wearing the shoes (I have forgotten to include the packaging!) in a famous or historical spot in my country...

SO it being well February by the time I have gotten around to doing this, I think it was just fitting for me to choose EDSA Shrine

H&M Dress with ruffles, random accessories, Fendi Spy

much love


  1. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR DRESS!!! Gosh you look gorgeous!

  2. love the shoes. i wish i could pull off something like that too.. but my feet is 'too fat'.. haha :)

  3. I SUPER LOVE YOUR PICS DONNA!!! omg, parang i keep telling you that, pero it's true!!! from your outfit, to the location, to the pose! yun na!!! :) this one's my favorite right now :)

  4. WOW those shoes are fab! Definitely worth the P1100. Congrats on getting it for free!


  5. Why did I know that you would pick the pink one?!?! Cos I will someday borrow that!! hahaha Lovely dear :D

  6. congrats!!!!!!!very well!!!
    shoes fab:)

    xx Marina

  7. i love pink! thus i love your shoes! perfect!<3


thanks for the love!