Saturday, February 19, 2011

love gods are on our side

First valentine's day as a married couple. ick! sounds all too mushy!!! Unlike my friend Reg and many others we really do not take this occasion seriously but we do go through the motions and do the usual every year - I get a bouquet and a nice dinner out.  FINE have to admit we do enjoy 'em dates 

For this year we went to CRU Steakhouse at the Marriot. Almost didn't make it because of some mix up with the reservations! Really do not want to elaborate on the stupidity of the whole situation BUT in the end we got to have that dinner we were looking forward to. Thanks to the host Trish who called each client until she got a cancellation  and us, a table. 

Love the whole ambiance of the place and the fact that you can see your steaks being grilled!!! 
Props to Executive Chef Meir Brammer - the food was awesome!!!!!!!!!

After the meal we decided to go to Member's Only with other couples for a few drinks and to exchange notes haha

So cute how Member's gave flowers to the boys to give to us ladies! 
So of course we just had to take photos with the rose...

and of the outfit for the night

stolen chloe blouse from my sister's closet
 SM ladies pouffy skirt 
ala louboutins snakeskin pumps from nicole puentevella

much love


  1. the food looks really yummy!!! you, dindi, and sophie look super pretty :) happy happy valentine's to you and carlito! :)

  2. OMG!!! I die for your outfit, you look stunning. You all look like you had so much fun

  3. i love the skirt. It's sooo pretty. and yummy.

  4. OMG that is a GORGEOUS skirt. I can't believe it's from SM!


thanks for the love!