Friday, September 16, 2011

2 for 1: Akihiro Sato and Fabio Ide

We did a shoot for a local shoe brand that allowed us to work with Fabio Ide and Akihiro Sato. 
The two proved to be so pleasant to work with braving the extremes of the weather. 
and the array of suits
styling team apprentices

such a cutie jaime sy!

tag team! 

oh so juicy!

Ruds as K's PEG! hahaha

denim maniaaa

what ya looking for??
my equivalent daw - Slegna =)

someone translate this for me

Bobby on Aki

Vince in action

ME in action!

with Mika! 

product shot? gray on gray

with Aki! Super friendly and easy to work with =)

Group shot!
Fabio's turn!

checking the results!

everyone still fresh even out in the sun!

Reg in action!

me with Fabio!!!

Cannot wait to share with you guys the fruit of our labor!

much love

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  1. I want to be an apprentice sa team niyo! Pano ba? May opening? Chos! Hahaha. You know, you're projects are all great and I'm drooling for the type of experiences that you guys have. Kudos! I love Aki! Met him at the Penshoppe luncheon and he's sooooo nice :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. omg from all the filipino male models.. fabio is my favorite!!!! so sexy! haha i have yet to meet him, lucky youu!!!

  3. I super love your red shorts and OMG those men!!

  4. Can I know how is JAime Sy now? is he still sick?


thanks for the love!