Sunday, September 11, 2011

of aliens and wooden floors

Shoot at the Ronac Gallery proved to be such an interesting experience. A great backdrop seriously sets the mood right. Something that brings you out of the usual white walls of the studio is always welcome don't you think? =) We did a few layouts in the gallery so we got to hang out for awhile around these interesting artworks. Although these aren't my usual style I do applaud the artist for them. Very visual.. got me thinking of puke the whole time (that is meant as a compliment). Meaning his images provoked something in me. 


cast and crew


eye to eye

The outside just proved to be just as interesting. I am practically in love with the wooden floors and the spiral staircase =)

If walls could talk

send off

staircase to heaven?

see the light
watch your step


check check


a pop of neon

Looking happy I hope=)
much love


  1. I love the place! It's so quirky! :) And I love love love your shoes!! :)

  2. wow these pictures are really great! I also love your shoes! :)


thanks for the love!