Friday, September 2, 2011

Paco Park

Early morning call time for a shoot at Paco Park, Manila. I was actually so excited since I haven't been there YET. I am such a sucker for these things it actually felt as if we were going on a field trip.  The park did not disappoint. With an entrance of only Php 5.00 it sure was worth it. Got me dreaming of more of these in different areas of Manila. We actually saw a group of students there (I think they cut class tsk tsk) and a couple. Nice date/hangout/eyeball (excuse the term) area hehe and I know they do a lot of occasions there too and shoots of course.

The Chapel is currently being cleaned and restored! YAY to that effort =)
Jose Rizal was taken here to be secretly buried for a few days after he was executed.
open the arches

spot heyrocketgirl having her outfit shot taken by rudolph!
comfort is key! I was wearing my ever reliable sanuk! 

better create some racket in europe that i would wanna hear about when you get back!
we sorely miss you already!

much love


  1. lovely pictures!ive never been there! was surprised to see a place like that in manila. it's a good place to take outfit posts!

  2. Ive always wanted to gohere!funny,cos my uni used to be so close from this park but sadly i only found out about it after college!next time.haha great photos dear.


thanks for the love!