Monday, September 5, 2011

Gearing Up for October

Gearing up for October we have started doing shoots with the boys
ooops I meant MEN!

Gents in waiting: Zayden, Renan and Hideo

Louis Claparols taking BTS: captured - Ate Grace and Rudolph steaming awaaay

aqua drivin shoes of Louis Claparols - cannot take my eyes off you

Ria Aquino prepping Renan 

goofy Hideo!

take me away - Geo Palmiano

Hideo and Renan

Mau De leon of Mercator 

Frank and Luis 

stare down: Louis Claparols and Bobby Carlos

Ms. Ayen of SM =)

Agency, Client, Photog and Stylist =)

Dancin' to Madonna

Secret Weapons: brushes and coke light
now we know where rudolph has been hiding all the scissors!

scarlet blaze
gray topshop cardigan, white topshop blouse and pink F21 shorts
much love

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  1. OH help me Lord. I died after your first pic of the guys. Hahahahahahaa


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