Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage love...

This floral blazer is my favorite ukay (thrifted) piece so far.. 
blazer: thrifted shorts: F21 shoes: F-stop shop asian 

I seriously believe that the thrill of finding a rare piece you know is unique (and cheap) cannot be replaced by a random shopping spree. However going to ukay ukay (vintage stores) can often be a daunting task since locations are usually inconvenient and rarely a cure for the blues. No retail therapy there. 
So for those who are looking for a bargain and the convenience of shopping online check out F-Stop as they release new pieces for their VINTAGE section. 

Items go up on September 30, Friday!!!

To avail discounts: 
1.  Blog about the September Collection 
(and send the link to:,
 all orders from Sept 29 - October 4 will get a 10% discount as well!
2.  Like F-STOP on facebook, or follow on tumblr
and you will be given 5% off on all their orders from Sept 29 - October 4.
*Note: Both discounts cannot be combined. Only one discount is applicable per order form. 

much love

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  1. Hala, I like the items on sale but I don't think I'm online when it's available.

    I also love your vintage blazer. I enjoy thrifting but not all the time.


thanks for the love!