Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Virgo Girl

I turned 26 last 8th of September. So feeling all grown up and weary decided not to have a party anymore. However I am so grateful for everyone who made sure it was special nonetheless =) 
From my lil boy! =)
I was surprised by my BELLAS at the stroke of midnight. I was totally clueless and in my worst PJs ever to be caught dead in! But I was sooo happy and close to tears and kept hiding under the covers! 

Lunch and the rest of the afternoon was spent with my boys =)

They treated me to a shopping spree and waited patiently too!
Dinner was spent with the Fam at my sis's house since she's on bed rest 
Night cap was spent with my mares until closing time and beyond =)

The day was basically the tour of everything I have been craving too! 
Bizu cake for my Birthday Salubong

Angulas for lunch
Fro-yo from Lulu Belle for snacks

Pollo Loco for Dinner

2nd Batch of sweets from Sonja's

Night cap from Happy Lemon

Thank you all for this day - the small things truly are the biggest gifts
And to everyone that sent me their love too!
cheers to more birthdays like this!

much love


  1. [super belated] HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA :D You look amazing :) the dress looks perfect with those shoes! My sister has that dress actually but I like the color yours better <3 haha :))

  2. @ana thanks ana!!! wow what's the color of hers?? =))

  3. Oh, belated happy birthday! Celebrated mine yesterday and I just turned Silver! Hurray to us! :)

  4. hey, i really love your shoes! where'd you get those?


thanks for the love!