Thursday, November 25, 2010

goodies OH MY goodies!!!

my sister is finally back from her pilgrimage.. 
glad that she's here as i can finally share my stress with her 
sometimes only she knows the answer i swear!
i am all too excited for the goodies she brought home for ME!!!

lemme show you
and you will understand why I am taking the time to blog em all!
goodies for my lil boy 

Papyrus Paper and Spider Man crayons????
Holy Family Snow Globe haha
ok decided to ask my sis about this since it seems strange for them to be in a SNOW globe right? So we were thinking maybe its salt since they have mounds and mounds of that. 

Perfumes bottles from thousand and one nights perfume factory, Egypt
Aren't these darling????? Was so scared that they might break when I got them but according to the guy who was selling these to my sis they're not as fragile as they seem =)

Ceramic Camel from Jordan
my fave from all the pasalubongs and this one is fragile the one for my mom broke its leg =(


silver necklace with blue stones from local market in Egypt

and the earrings with Roman stone from Israel

Hand of God Pendant from Israel and the Jerusalem Cross

Colorful Necklaces from an Egyptian Bazaar

AND.... Kohl!!! =))


  1. I love the perfume bottles!!!! and the Kohl liner!!!

  2. that's sweet.. wish i could also have those goodies.. especially those kind of accesories.. ;)



thanks for the love!