Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blue and Brown: A Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower

When my sister told me she's pregnant I was over the moon with excitement! I was of course extra happy for them and looking forward to a pamangkin and a playmate for Carlos! When we found out it was a boy we couldn't help but already plan for the baptism and future birthdays! We actually have a theme set already! And when I realized I was the one to throw my sis her baby shower I got busy! 

The theme was simple (must reserve the others for more important occassion) I was just given a color palette actually. It was royal blue and chocolate brown. I added the blue green just to brighten it all up! 
 Special thanks to Rudolph who made the tarp design for me!!! 
 Whats the easiest way of setting up a jolly mood but with sweets?
 So for the centerpieces I aimed to please with a bunch of munchies.
 I have my cousin to thank for the french macarons (with diff fillings too)
Got the idea from my bridal shower! Poofies!!! Such an easy to do decor that makes a lot of impact too!
You can just search youtube for tutorials =)
Had this book passed around for guests to leave their message for the future parents and the baby boy!

Again desserts were made by my cousin Ate Jonnah! 
Chocolate Ganache and Wild Strawberry and vanilla treasure!

I was actually excited about the decorating and the hosting but what worred me were the games! This would be my first ever Baby Shower (Mine had games for a BRIDAL Shower). So research research I did and asked friends for ideas! So I came up with 4 that I think would suit the audience (they were much older than me) and wouldn't be too much for them (these are not baby shower rookies anymore) I was so pressured to keep things interesting I swear!
 So as an ice breaker game 1 was easy! Just had to match different pairs of socks , the one with the fastest time wins! Just to keep it tricky buy ones that have similar designs and color =) 

As we were preparing for game 3, 2nd game was just a Q&A I showed photos of cartoons nowadays whoever gets it right gets a price! The goal was to help mom and dad - to - be to be more familiar with what the baby will be watching in the future! This will work if your guests have kids already =)

 Game 3 were for daddies (since the shower was open to them to)! Basically it was a race to put on a diaper on a peeing baby! Since they were expecting a boy, the game was designed for one. All you would need are water balloons filled, gauze cloths (lampin) and pins or clasps to secure them. Poke a small hole in the balloon to mimic a peeing baby and your all set! I asked dads for this as a reminder that they have to do the dirty job too!!!
Game 4 was good ole Pinoy Henyo!  Of course theme was everything related to baby and pregnancy! Holding up epidural and breastfeeding! haha

It wouldn't have been successful if it weren't for those who attended! 
Thank you for making Ate and Nico so happy!!! 

much love

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