Saturday, May 28, 2011

BTS Sugarkids PFW Catalogue

Was again given the chance to do styling for SUGARKIDS this time with Mikka! For this post do expect such cutie little girls and sweetest treats!!!
 (ain't it just perfect for the rainy weather)
I love candy
these treats served as props and some that broke were for our enjoyment!

lil fashionistas
I dreamt of this day when such trendy and chic clothes and shoes are available for this age group! Sadly it came a lil too late for me so I cannot help but get excited when I do work for lil girls!
yummy footwear!
these girls can't help but be all playful with their booties

next generation of stars
playful behind the scenes but when the camera strikes they know how to do their thing!!!
props to Cleo, Louise and Mona

and the finished product...

cannot wait to work with these lil darlings again and of course with those that made this shoot possible!

much love


  1. They wouldn't happen to have a size 6 for those rain boots would they? :) or any size that would fit your feet? :)

  2. looks like so much fun!



thanks for the love!