Monday, May 30, 2011

oh what a friday!

Blogger's United Event
I feel bad wasn't able to take photos of the event which I might say had such a huge turn out! Props to those that organized it and those that were part of the event!!! Went there with Luis to support Reg and look around too! Anyway this photo of us is the only thing I have to show!

then off to the next...

An An and En En's Blog Anniversary
Didn't really know what to expect of the event but gladly went! It was a fun excuse for a get together! =)

screens flash of the twins famous tumblr photos!

of course that one of Ornussa
see it closely...
"Ornussa with a side of fries" turned TOPMAN shirt!
Nicole and I with EN EN!!! =)
and the rest...
saying good bye to nicole come June will be one of the hardest...
guess I won't be the only one missing her!
with Alej only found out that night that he was cousins with the twins! =)
Had so much fun in Fiamma but really we needed our beloved ATTICA!

caution: the following photos will just be us being our crazy crazy selves!

so how did your weekend go?? =D

much love

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