Thursday, May 26, 2011


The last leg of Ayala Mall Style Origins Fashion Show has brought us all the way to Mindanao. Newly opened Abreeza was our 13th stop. I was so excited for this trip for Davao  has always placed highly in my heart. Going back recently rekindled my love. 

We were brought down on this side of the mall. The architecture is just screaming AYALA with its pleasant and airy feel. And then we saw STARBUCKS!!! The first and only branch in Davao.  
I remembered and missed meeting up in BLU GRE (their local coffee shop) with  my friend Kelly and cousins! BUT I guess the DavaoeƱos have been waiting for this for a long time. The long line would attest to that.  
Don't you just love how AYALA does their malls? GREEN thinking - a pocket garden of orchids and a flood of light right in the middle. 

And look at this -  Tourism Dept. at work!!! We were sad to say we weren't able to explore much of Davao's natural delights. Just gives us more reason to go back!
Though we weren't able to bond with nature we were able to indulge into some serious shopping! We discovered this local store called SOUL (for more details check it out here) and just loved their merchandise and the prices!!!  
Retail therapy did not end there,  the afternoon of the 2nd day was spent in ALDEVINCO.  My next post will be about that one!!! 

Wallets were emptied but stomachs were indeed full and appetites and cravings satisfied!!!
more on our food tripping

BUT of course we were here for work first and foremost!!! 

Rack for REGATTA'S clothes selection were nautical blues and reds!

 And the stage is set!
This was 3 hours before the show started and look how packed it was already!!!

Rico Blanco - I am now officially a fan!

with heyrocketgirl hyped up after the show!!!

much love


  1. Finally,davao has an ayala mall!its about time!i cant wait to visit and check it out. I love this post made me awfully homesick though.

  2. i miss davao!!!! :( huhuhu and i love shopping in Al devinco! :)


thanks for the love!