Tuesday, May 17, 2011

curry and sushi

My outfit for the night was for conquering the concrete jungle since it's been awhile since I have been out and about town. 
so which background do you prefer?? =)
P.S. Thanks to my friend Kelly for taking my photos 


What was in store was dinner with my girls and then some dancing. 
We needed great cheap food so off we went to NEW BOMBAY at Column Towers in Makati. 
We ordered Chicken Tandoori, Veggie Keema  and some CURRY
that's CUAKI all sweaty because
they ordered the Spicy Curry (as seen on the right) do compare it to the mild curry at the left. I think the color says it all. 
We left all satisfied and with full  tummies (and bladder from all the liquid to quench the fire).

 Next stop was ROBOT for some drinks and dancin'

Bumped into my Spanish Blockmate and dear friend GISA (left) who was there for her cousin's birthday! Twas such a great surprise since I haven't seen her since my wedding and haven't had a decent conversation with her since forever!!!! 

Another surprise was seeing Ann got an invite to the Morlie event the next day from it too! =) check it here 
Mike we miss you and whoever is that next guy nicole would be dating!!!

and then some shots!
Carlito decided to treat the girls to some shots since we haven't had the chance to celebrate his birthday

the rest of the night was history

gotta have more nights like these with you girls!!! Will surely miss Nicole once she leaves... actually miss her already!!!


much love


  1. looks like you guys were having fun ;)
    love the necklace and wedges !


  2. aw i'm loving that dress.


  3. i love the food at new bombay, cute photos, you all look lovely and a bit tiddly towards the end. hehe :)

  4. i like the green background better. either way, you looked fab! and such a fun night! you sure did made me hungry!!

  5. i super like! :D missed you don! :D

  6. i super like!! :D i missed you donnana!!


thanks for the love!