Thursday, July 28, 2011

divided yet united

For the back to back shoot that day Reg, Luis and I wore our sisterhood of traveling pants we got from Al Devinco, Davao (see here)

To see Reg's and Luis's pants (each one is unique) click here and here

Divided in two teams for the shoot , Ruddy and I got the morning shift!!! =)

Ruddy and I were assigned on Menswear for the day - so that means SUITS!

Batch 2 for Ladies Shoes Reg and Mikka was there bright and early too!!

Bobby Carlos (chief make up artist for Max Factor) with Luis's styling apprentices: Hannah, Slegna and Jaja

Kaye and Alisa steaming awaaaay
Jaime getting Fatima's hair extensions ready for later that day
Niko Villegas in action! love his tat! 


much love


thanks for the love!