Thursday, July 7, 2011

kelly's Birthday!!!

peach cover up: thrifted, blouse:F21, Doily Shorts: River Island Gold Platforms: F-stop Purple necklace:Topshop

Kelly has always had the penchant for things Asian, I think ever since Mike and all their travels.
 It was just fitting for her to celebrate with us in Jang Gun a Korean Restaurant in Libis. 

Some Like it Hot: Kimchi Soup

A tradition: we forgot to order cake. So Mara and I ran to the nearest possible place (TOSH was next door) and ordered. Unfortunately their cakes are pre-sliced already so we ended up buying 4 slices. They were so nice and helpful they arranged it and all and put a tea light candle in the middle! =))

An alkaline drink made from potato that will equalize acid... blah blah Kelly had a long a$s explanation about it to make us all take a shot. 
she is master in making up things and tricked us all into believing we have to say KYAK after a shot! It was her Birthday after all so we all agreed!
See how her mouth is still open? She was saying KYAK over and over instead of CHEESE!
our version of the "pose"

much love


  1. Wow, it sound like you had a lot of fun!!!nice pictures!Come back soon to visit my blog!

  2. I want your shorts! Been looking for a pair of Doily shorts for so long now :)


thanks for the love!