Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy BEER-day Chesa!

Congratulations are in order to the SOFA graduates for this term! Passed by the grad show with the styling fam but unfortunately I wasn't able to witness the genius works. I am slightly tiny and was stuck at the back hehe 

black and white dress used as top from BKK, silk skirt from Zara, ahoes from H&M
Afterwards we made our way to Draft,Fort to have a few drinks and celebrate Chesa's birthday!!! 

 Amstel light is officially my fave beer - I was happy chatty Donna the entire night!!!
 Grabbed my sissies for an impromptu sesh and made them tag along - was really glad they did!!!

 First to arrive! Thei and GJ! (yes way before the celebrant hahaha)
 I am so happy Mikka was able to join us!!!!!
 One by one they come, Chesa is finally here!
 Partner in crime!
 Crap I forgot the caption for this 
(Reg please remind me what she was saying while you took this unflattering pic)
minus one plus one! Dindi is here!
then sophie!!!
 and then some...

I was so happy with how the night turned out! no plans were made but there we were to celebrate! =)
Happy happy birthday Chesa!!! 

Much love


  1. Dons! Sayang i didn't see you! I did makeup for the SoFA grad show!

  2. the shoes are from H&M!? Haven;t seen them around . there are so cool!

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  3. thanks for the comment! cute pictures :)


thanks for the love!