Saturday, August 27, 2011

sugar sweet honey puff

Just my luck when we saw this beetle parked outside of the studio!
 Perfect backdrop to compliment my outfit for the day don't you think? 

Mikka was my partner again for this shoot and my photog for my outfit shots hehe
So the clue lies in the outfit and the presence of all the yummy yummy sugary treats to what we did for this day...

YES it is again another shoot for SUGARKIDS!!! 
Such a treat since I got to work with the lil beauties again and got to play around pooof and puff!
Lil girl clothes are so dreamy - don't you sometimes wish they come in our size?? 
Funny how Mikka and I, both moms to lil boys believe that we will go broke when the day comes we have daughters! Especially now that so many choices are available out there! I remembered having such a hard time finding clothes when I was small. Now every kid can be as fashionable as her mommy! 

much love 

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