Monday, August 22, 2011

Military blazer from HK, pleated black skirt from Zara, Black Sandals from Pedro

In the interest of adding something new to the list of things accomplished,I am so glad that this was the one.  We did a shoot for Soul Siren Nina for her upcoming album and had such a good time dancing to her new tunes. Yes you heard me right dancing! Can't wait for all you guys to hear it too I am sure it will be LSS galore like her love songs =)

grabbed this photo from Heyrocketgirl's entry!

much love


  1. lovely shoes. i'm in love.

  2. totally love your shoes ! ♥
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog dear :)

    wanna follow each other ?

  3. thanks for giving us an idea on how Nina's new album will sound like. all her fans have been waiting & are all too excited. we do hope this one's a successful endeavor as well just like all her past albums.


thanks for the love!